Welcome to First Baptist Church of Atwater 

Sunday Schedule

Our Sunday Services start at 9:30am in the Sanctuary for worship and celebration of  Jesus Christ. At 10:00am the children are dismissed for children church. 

Nursery services are available during church and Sunday school.

At 11:00am we have our Sunday school (small groups) designed for all ages.

Voyagers - This group is for individuals and couples at retirement age.

GLY - The God Loves You group meets in Musil hall.  All are welcome!

Young Adult Bible Study - This group is for young adults. Downstairs Room

Youth Bible Study - Jr. High and High School students meet upstairs in the youth room.

Child Studies: Kindergarten - 6th grade
 - Sunday school classes are held in corresponding age/grade groups for a more enjoyable learning experience.*

*Grade level transiting takes place on the first Sunday of August each year. 

Sunday Night worship starts at 6:00pm

Welcome to Worship

Thank you for being a part of our service this morning it is a privilege to worship God with you. No matter who you are or where you have been we would like to say you are welcome and there are answers for you in Jesus Christ. Our church is passionate about seeing people come to know Jesus as the most valuable thing in their lives, and grow in relationship with Him. We believe God is at work all around us and we want to be actively joining Him in His work to make an impact on the Community of Atwater, our country and world.
Upcoming Events

August 11 – Women’s Bible Study – 6:30pm

August 13
– Women’s Ministry 10:00am

August 14 
 – Pre-Service Prayer 8:45-9-15 am

August 18 – Men’s Ministry 10:00am

August 27
- God's Pantry Food Giveaway - 9:00am 

September 10 - Women's Ministry 10:00am 

 Committee Meetings 

We have activities during the week please see our Weekly Events page for more information

First Baptist Church of Atwater is supporting with Kings Christian Academy. If you want more information about the school please visit http://www.atwaterchristianschool.com/.